Spicer Transmissions

For more than 70 years SPICER medium and heavy-duty transmissions have led the industry with innovative designs.

EASY-SHIFT: Transmissions for medium-duty trucks quietly provide smooth, positive gear engagement with an even shift feel in 5-Speed and 7-Speed synchronized configurations.

PRO-SHIFT: Transmissions for heavy-duty and vocational applications offer an exceptionally wide range of high torque-to-weight ratios. All PRO-SHIFT transmissions feature a dual countershaft design which splits torque load evenly for increased torque capacity, compact installation and reduced maintenance.

In this section you'll find innovative medium and heavy-duty transmission products engineered and manufactured to optimize your vehicle's operation and your driver's safety and job satisfaction.

Medium-Duty Transmissions

  • EASY-SHIFT 5-Speeds
  • EASY-SHIFT 7-Speeds

Heavy-Duty Transmissions

  • PRO-SHIFT 6-Speeds
  • PRO-SHIFT 7-Speeds
  • PRO-SHIFT 9-Speeds
  • PRO-SHIFT 10-Speeds
  • PRO-SHIFT 18-Speeds
  • Auxiliary Transmissions

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Hi-Torque Truck Spares (Aust) Pty Ltd is proud to introduce you to the new way in transmission products - the all new line of TTC SPICER PRO-SHIFT 18 speed transmissions from Transmission Technologies Corporation (TTC).

With superior torque capabilities and exceptional cooling capacity SPICER is unmatched when it comes to ratio coverage, fuel economy, versatility and reliability.

The SPICER transmission is designed with the driver in mind, offering an industry standard shift pattern, an electro pneumatic shift for a fast and smooth operation and with fewer moving parts than its counterpart. Can you afford not to look at what is on offer from the market leaders in transmission supply and manufacturing?

The all new SPICER transmission is available now. Please Contact Us to find out more!

The new SPICER transmission has been fitted to a wide variety of vehicles for all applications and needs of the transport industry. The majority of sales have been experienced on the western seaboard in heavy multiple trailer application and high ambient temperatures, conditions well suited to our design of gearbox. With all gears in the transmission being work gears you can operate in any given gear without any detrimental effect to the gearbox.

Most vehicles can be fitted with the SPICER PSDO Transmission in Australia

Testing and Validation

The gearbox has been in Australia for the last 3 years. In this period the box has undergone a series of tests to prove its validation and acceptance into the Australian transport market.

The test include on multiple trailer work Sydney-Darwin-Sydney express, two-up drivers and at 350,000 to 400,000 kms per year. These gearboxes have proven themselves to operate cooler, to never exceed maximum operating temperature, prolonged use in all gears for long extended periods of time, irrespective of GCW the transmission was matched to engine torque output, driver acceptance and operation acceptance, cheaper maintenance costs through the use of synthetic oils, reduced down time.